We recognize the importance of communication between architects, designers, and subcontractors as a priority. We take a proactive approach to preconstruction – we don’t wait for all the documents before moving forward where possible.

Cost Estimating

We provide estimates free of charge. We make detailed estimates throughout the design phase. Our estimates and our subcontractor pricing freely available to our clients.

Value Engineering

We consistently review the project, finding ways to lower the costs of construction without sacrificing quality. We work with clients to bring projects within the project budget. Additional work orders are treated with the same attention to cost economy and quality. We keep up-to-date with our market – looking for efficient materials and systems that improve the quality and life of projects and reduce costs.

Timeline Scheduling

Project scheduling is developed around the needs of the owners. That schedule is regularly re-evaluated to ensure the project will meet all deadlines. We recognize that the needs of the owner may change and make every effort to maintain scheduling.

Design Services

We work with owners, architects, and subcontractors, facilitating communication between everyone involved in a project.

Cost Control

In over 30 years of business, we have never had a project go over-budget. We maintain cost control through a combination of closely following a timeline, detailed cost estimating, and rigorous value engineering.

Quality Control

If there is one aspect of our work that owners comment on, it’s our high standards of quality and our attention to every detail of our work. We select subcontractors with successful project history and the financial means to complete the scope of work.